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ISTD GRAND FINALS 2018 in Blackpool Marks Competition Season End

Maria proud to make her final - BP 2018

Dreams really do come true and they certainly did for many competitors this weekend at ISTD Grand Ballroom & Latin Finals held in the Empress Ballroom, at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool.

Over 4000 entries into the various categories and at least 34+ from Caterham Dance School making up a small slice of those competitors.

Everyone from CDS has worked so hard to get to this point participating in monthly qualifiers from January - September just to make local finals in order to gain their qualification to go to the Grand Finals in Blackpool held in November.

Special thanks must go to the organisers Nick Miles and his excellent team who make this possible all year round,. It is certainly no small task to organise all these schools and entries, its hard enough for individual schools to sort out their own entries never mind over 4000.

Austin & Maria double winners under 8

Enrique & Paulina winning Latin couples Silver +

We certainly had a terrific time, this year in particular being

that we have competed at these finals for the last 5 years, having won coveted sashes some years and this year amazingly we made more finals than we ever have. The children made 17 finals, winning 3 of them, remarkable one of them was a double win for Austin & Maria winning both their under 8 Ballroom & and under 8 Latin couple events. True little stars in the making. The other Enrique & Paulina winning their couples latin events and 3rd in Ballroom.

Juvenile & Juniors (missing 2 Juniors from photo)

The Adults accumulated 14 final places which is a remarkable end to a fabulous weekend. Special mention to our newbies who went out there two of them making one final in 035 Latin Social Dance Test making CDS incredibly proud to hold two places in that final. Of course, those of you who made semi-final places, we make mention of this in the results section but it must be known this was difficult the numbers were extraordinarily high for the adults this year. JUST FABULOUS DARLINGS!!

Super well done to all our pupils who made finals and semi-finals and to those who have achieved results beyond their expectations and ours. It must be said, you definitely get out of this what you put in and we know you all worked so hard.

Making the semi-final (top 12) out of 60 competitors is a difficult task, we've posted the results below just to show you how many competitors each of our pupils were up against.

Adult competitors (missing 2 pupils from photo)

​We truly hope you were able to achieve or exceed your expectations.

Hair and Make-up this year was spectacular thank you to Alfie for sorting out and booking the diaries for Sophie & Ivanka . Our ladies looked absolutely amazing!! In fact I think we certainly were some of the most beautifully turned out... but I would say that!

Congratulations to all our competitors some having competed at the this event for the very first time, and sadly although not all our pupils were able to make it this year, we still had record entries and some of our newbies even made finals, what a terrific and unexpected result. ...and so.. dreams do come true.

Some flowers of thanks, amongst amazing messages and cards
Thank you!!

Massive thank you to the all the parents and supporters that came out to cheer us all on and to everyone who has left the most amazing messages and thank yous. Really the thank you is to everyone who puts in the time and effort so as it can truly be done to its best.

And so, we now rest for a short time as we prepare for our Christmas shows, then time for friends and family, but not too much time off, as we are nearing the new SEASON and of course new qualifiers!



Special mentions to our competitors who made Semis (top 12) & Quarters (top 24)

Renne - Quarter Final Ballroom (31 entries)

Yme - Semi Final Latin (35 entries)

Lucia - Semi Final Latin (35 entries)

Mia - Quarter Final in both Ballroom & Latin (35 Entries)

Olivia - Semi Final in both Ballroom & Latin (35 Entries)

Charlotte - Semi in Ballroom (52 entries) & Quarter in Latin (53 Entries )

Well done all of you!



Special mentions to our competitors who made Semis (top 12) & Quarters (top 24)

Anna - Quarter Final Ballroom (42 entries ) & Semi Final Latin ( 40 entries)

Laura - Quater Final Ballroom (42 entries) & Quarter Final Latin (40 entries)

Nicola H - Quarter Final Ballroom ( 36 entries) & Quarter Final Latin (29 entries)

Jane Ingham - Quarter Final Ballroom (43 entries) & Semi Final Latin (43 entries)

Sally Ann - Ballroom Finalist (see photos) & Semi Final Latin (43 entries)

Kelly - Quarter Finalist Ballroom (22 entries) & Quarter Finalist Latin ( 24 entries)

Courtney - Ballroom Finalist (see photos) & Quarter Finalist Latin ( 34 entries)

Emily C - Quarter Finalist Ballroom (32 entries) & Quarter Finalist Latin ( 24 entries)

Katherine - Semi-Finalist Ballroom (21 Entries) & Semi Finalist Latin (24 entries)

Lyn - Ballroom top 21 & Semi Finalist Latin (24 entries)

Rod, Andrea, Sarah, Stella, Claire, Christine, Julie , Emilie, and Jane details in photos

See you next year everyone !! Best wishes, Damian , Clara, Alfie & Steven



There is always an after party!!! What happens in Blackpool stays in Blackpool!!

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