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Welcome to CDS Online Tutorials

Here you will find a collection of up to date videos featuring dances that are taught in classes, choreography tid-bits, and helpful tutorials on various aspects of Ballroom & Latin Dance that we are sure you will find useful from Hair & Make Up - Arms - Use of legs and feet, Importance of balance between partnerships, lead and follow and many many more.

If you have something you wish for us to post for your online learning, please get in touch and who knows you may find it here on our tutorial page .


Before downloading any of the tutorials, please if you have any medical conditions that may be aggravated by the physical activity in these videos, it is necessary that you seek doctors advice before undertaking any activity that may cause injury.  

Before any physical activity you should ALWAYS warm up your muscles by doing stretches.  It is imperative that you seek permission before purchasing any of these videos if you are under the age of consent.

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