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March 11, 2020


 At Caterham Dance School, the health and safety of our pupils and staff is our number one priority. 

We are very much aware of the growing concerns around the coronavirus (Covid-19) and the important role that both our teams and members have...

December 10, 2019

We are open over the Christmas Period, although some times may vary please do check with us before popping in.  We encourage everyone to keep practising over the holiday period, and therefore general practise on the Saturdays are still ongoing (except 21st December).


August 26, 2019

Happy to announce the new class schedule for Adult Classes at Caterham Dance School.

Registration is now open, please feel free to contact us.

July 24, 2019

We have come to the end of our spring / summer term this week, and whilst we are happy to look forward to what hopes to be a warm summer break, we have planned our Autumn 2019 schedule as we know how important it is plan.

CDS offers a comprehensive children's programme...