Jubilee Awards 2021

Part 1

Welcome to our children newcomers!!!

Wow !! What an amazing weekend CDS had!!

After restarting our courses in September and re-building our classes, we have gone from strength to strength with our new competition team.

CDS Team of competitors
Squad & Pre-Squad

Caterham Dance School has produced some lovely dancers, and we are proud to say that more than 95% of them started with us, and have gone on to dance on the open circuit now making National Finals in top categories, and two currently competing worldwide. We were lucky to have two of them helping partner some of our children’s team this weekend along with James, our CDS teacher, at the Jubilee Awards in Essex, run by the lovely Joanne Blackshaw and her team.

Its important to acknowledge the process, our partnering assistants, Enrique and Tallulah, started at these local school competitions and hope to one day become fully fledged teachers too.

We had fabulous results today, and cannot stress how proud we are of our first timers, who never step foot on a competition floor before. First timers are allowed to dance up to 3 “first timers” competitions and I am a sure they were up against some that were on their second or third competitions so no doubt nerves were flying.

The boys dominated our team today, although we were missing three squad children due to illness, we would have been 5 boys and 4 girls, instead the team consisted of 4 boys, and 2 girls all under the age of 12.

Massive congratulations to Laurence and Orienne who danced together for the very first time, and made the 7 & under final in Waltz. Also, to Ben who made his first ever final in the Waltz in the 9 & under category. Huge well done to Tom & making all his finals today, and to Alec making his ballroom final, and both dancing with impromptu girls (from another school due the absence of 2 CDS girls) making finals in Ballroom & Latin never having danced together before. There were rounds of competitions, and in 3 heats in the beginners sections alone, so overall everyone did amazingly !!

There was a special Parent and Child event, and wow, lol... what great fun that was. Well done to Ellie, Galina , Lizzie and Laura for learning the Cha Cha so quickly and going out there and having some fun!!

So .. this is where is starts, and we cannot wait until the next one starting swiftly in January. What great way to end the end year.

Special thank you to all the parents who were amazing and so helpful and supportive to everyone, and of course supplying me with coffee ;-)

Some images of the weekend - Children