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Jubilee Awards - 25th June 2017

Another great day for CDS at the Jubilee Awards in Greys Essex, hosted by Elaine Hills & Joanne Blackshaw. Caterham Dance School came away with some wonderful results, with all our students making finals in their events entered, some making one and some making finals in both their solo entries, and some coming first in all their events entered. It really was a great day for results but also very pleased with the turn out of schools, which made our pupils work difficult but very rewarding. CDS - JUVENILES Special congratulations to Enrique (pictured Right) and his partner Paulina (not pictured), who won all their events, both solos (20 entries) and couples (26 entries). Also, to our newcomer

ISTD June 2017 - Burgess Hill

Another FANTASTIC competition day for CDS who attended their 3rd ISTD qualifier this season. 15 Adults and 12 Children from of our competition team were present today, with some missing, due to half term. It was a lovely sunny day with a great positive spirit. We were most pleased with the quality our students performance and this showed with of our pupils achieving most finals, and coming away with more qualifications for the end of the year ISTD Grand Finals in Blackpool 2017. Out of the 8 couples events entered, CDS won 5, placing 2nd in two, and 3rd in one and 5th in another. Congratulations to the all couples who participated: Starting with the children, Austin & Maria in their firs

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