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ISTD Grand Finals 2017 - Blackpool Juvenile & Junior

Juvenile Team

Massive congratulations to all our pupils who competed this last weekend in Blackpool for the ISTD Grand Finals 2017.

Since the competition season began all our competitive pupils participated in qualifiers that earned them a place to compete in the prestige Empress Ballroom in Blackpool for their Grand Finals.

This year was extra special as not only did we have pupils who were completely new to competitions this season, but that many unexpected hopes and dreams came true.

Junior Team

Caterham Dance School have competed at these finals for past 4 years inclusive, and this has by far been the most successful year. Whilst we all hope to achieve the coveted blue sash, which is a first placing, sometimes just making the next round for some is the massive achievement especially for first timers considering the huge number of entries. The standard was no doubt strongest this year, and we are very proud to say that many of our pupils made finals, in fact, half of our Juvenile and Junior numbers which was fantastic!

We had more finalist than ever before!

Latin Boys Austin & Enrique
Ballroom Finalists Poppy, Enrique, Paulina, Mia & Olivia
Tom & Emily Finalist in all categories, 1st place couples latin!!

Special congratulations go to our grand finalists Juv/Jun entries,

Juvenile: Poppy-May, Enrique (making both finals), Paulina, Mia (making both finals), Olivia & Austin.

Junior: Thomas & Emily (making both finals) Great achievement indeed!

FINALS Results as follows 1 x 1st - Tom & Emily (Couples - Latin)

3 x 2nd - Austin (Latin Solo) , Enrique (Latin Solo), Tom & Emily (Couples Ballroom)

3 x 3rd - Enrique (Ballroom Solo), Tom (Solo Ballroom & Latin)

2 x 4th - Emily (Solo Ballroom) , Olivia (Solo Ballroom)

3 x 5th - Emily (Solo Latin), Mia (Solo Ballroom & Latin)

1 x 6th - Poppy May (Solo Ballroom|)

1 x 7th - Paulina ( Solo Ballroom)

More line-ups, and results in the Gallery below! Number of entries are included.

Juvenile Semi & Quarter Ballroom results:

U8 Quickstep - Qualified

Maria - top 24 Quarter Final(52 Entries)

SDT Primary Waltz- Qualified

Tallulah - top 12 Semi Final (49 Entries)

U8 Couples Waltz

Austin & Maria - top 24 (42 Entries)

Juvenile to Bronze Couples - Tango

Hope & Charlotte - top 48 (79 Entries)

Enrique & Paulina - top 24 Quarter Final (79 Entries)

Junior Semi & Quarter Ballroom results:

SDT Quickstep - Qualified

Karina - top 24 Quarter Final (36 Entries)

Pre- Bronze (Girl) Foxtrot

Lucia - top 24 Quarter Final (32 Entries)

Junior to Bronze Couples - Tango

Karina & Lucia - top 45 (67 Entries)


Juvenile Semi & Quarter Latin results:

U8 Rumba - Qualified

Maria - top 36 (50 Entries)

SDT Primary Rumba- Qualified

Tallulah - top 24 Quarter Final (50 Entries)

Charlotte - top 36 (50 Entries)

Hope - top 24 Quarter Final (50 Entries)

SDT 8&9yrs Girls Cha Cha - Qualified

Paulina - top 24 Quarter final (32 Entries)

SDT 10&11yrs Cha Cha - Qualified

Poppy May - top 24 Quarter Final (32 Entries)

Juvenile to Bronze Couples - Rumba

Poppy May & Tallulah - top 48 (67 entries)

Enrique & Paulina - top 12 Semi-Final (67 Entries)

Junior Semi & Quarter Latin results:

SDT Cha Cha - Qualified

Karina - top 24 Quarter Final (37 Entries)

Lucia - top 24 Quarter Final (37 Entries

Junior to Bronze Couples - Rumba

Karina & Lucia - top 48 (67 Entries)

Congratulations to all the CDS Juvenile and Junior Team and to those who could not join us this year, we will see you all there next year.

Special thank you to Nick Miles and his team for organising this yearly event and all the qualifiers throughout the competition season. We love being part of the ISTD competition system and can honestly say its a wonderful opportunity for us and all our students.

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