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Jubilee Awards - Essex

Winning all his solo events - Enrique 9 yrs old


Great day today in Essex at one of the best attended Medallist competitions the Jubilee Awards have had in my opinion. We go every year, but event this year seemed more packed full of children and adults, than previous years! Special Thank you to Joanne Blackshaw and Elaine Hills for inviting our school and providing us with a superbly smooth run event.

First half of the day was dedicated to children's competition which was a terrific success for ALL CDS Children as they all made their Ballroom Finals, coming away with medals and trophies for everyone. This was not an easy task either with the number of entries per event.

6 Legged Cha Cha!!  Fun Comp! - 7th Place

In the Latin the Children went onto make most all finals in their respective events with only three missing a final in their solo but still having made a semi with the numbers attending is a great achievement. Befroe the Latin results everyone had a great time in the 6 legged Cha Cha, with Enrique, Paulina & Hope making the final out of 38 couples. (pictured left)

Congratulations to Enrique (pictured above left with teacher and Principal, Clara) for winning both his solo events, and making both his couples finals with his new partner Paulina. Also winning both their solo events in Junior Silver was our Liaisan.



Moving onto the Adult Events, we are very delighted to see that due to the way the

events were categorised some of our adult competitors danced up a category and even

by doing so everyone made finals in both Ballroom & Latin!!

What an amazing achievement today!

Special mention and congratulations to our adults Ashley, Julie, & Katherine for winning both their solos, and Rod & Jane for both their couples events.

It was a terrific day all in all, and a fantastic team spirit was felt by all ... GO CDS!!



Congratulations to all our students.

If you have a chance to like Caterham Dance School on Facebook please do, and if you want to join our competition corner for more talk on competitions in Ballroom & Latin Dance please feel free to join us! FACEBOOK CDS PAGE

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