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Shirley Ballas visits CDS!

Shirley with Damian & Clara

Today was a special day as one of our first teachers came to visit CDS not only to see our studio but to work with some our wonderful students.

We know how busy Shirley is with Strictly Come Dancing at the moment but we are especially grateful that she made time for us and our students. It was great to hear "The Queen of Latin" impart so many of the technical fundamentals and competitive tips that we base our teaching methods on here at CDS.

It was a packed house full of enthusiastic dancers ready to be inspired, there is no doubt they all were. Shirley made time for everyone today, and left some time for Question and Answers. Our favourite, coming from seven year old, Alec, " how many meters is the Strictly Coming Dancing dance floor?" Im sure this young man will get his answer as Shirley has promised to investigate for us.

Thank you for a wonderful day Shirley Ballas please come again soon!!!

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