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ISTD Qualifier

It was the first Adult Qualifier of the season and for some, very first ever qualifier. CDS has many new entries into the competition programme, and for some this was their second ever competition.

Sunday the 26th February was a very busy day for all the Adults from CDS, 15 students travelled to Southend to compete at their first qualifier of 2017 to try and gain their qualification for Blackpool 2017.

CDS ended the day with some great results to start this competition season off. With a possible 30 qualifications we gained 26... yes 26 !!! Thats amazing ! Everyone has been working very hard the last few weeks and they are reaping the rewards of their hard work. Roll on the rest of the year in which we will attend many more competitions. Results are as follows:


Under 35 SDT Q/S 12 competitors

3rd Nicola H

5th Ian

6th Nicola F

Over 35 SDT Q/S 12 competitors

5th Matt

Over 50 SDT Quickstep 10 competitors

2nd Rod

5th Jane

Over 35 Pre Bronze Waltz 15 competitors

5th Julie

Over 50 Pre Bronze Waltz 10 competitors

1st Sally Ann

Over 50 Bronze Waltz/Tango 9 competitors

4th Lyn

Under 35 Silver Tango/Quickstep 10 competitors

4th Emily

Over 35 Silver Tango/Quickstep 3 competitors

3rd Kelly

Over 50 Silver Tango/Quickstep 10 competitors

2nd KB

Over 50s Awards Foxtrot/VW 10 competitors

3rd Teresa

Ballroom Couples

Under 40 SDT/PBr/B Tango 10 couples

6th Ian and Kirsty

Over 40 SDT/PBr/B Tango 18 couples

6th Rod and Jane


Under 35 SDT Jive 12 competitors

3rd Ian

5th Nicola F

6th Nicola H

Over 35 SDT Jive 12 competitors

4th Matt

Over 50 SDT Jive 12 competitors

5th Jane

6th Rod

Under 35 Pre Bronze Rumba 13 competitors

5th Kirsty

Over 35 Pre Bronze Rumba 14 competitors

3rd Julie

Over 50 Pre Bronze Rumba 12 competitors

1st Sally Ann

Under 35 Bronze Rumba/Paso 17 competitors

3rd Emily

Over 35 Bronze Rumba/Paso 7 competitors

5th Kelly

Over 50 Bronze Rumba/Paso 8 competitors

3rd KB

Over 50s Gold Star Samba/CCC 7 competitors

1st Teresa

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