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ISTD- First Qualifier of 2017

Wow what an exciting start to 2017 with our first ISTD Qualifier of 2017 held in Southend on Sunday, 5th February.

CDS Comp Kids!!  Squads A & B

Congratulations to all our pupils on a job well done today.

For some of the CDS kids it was a start of another year of ISTD qualifiers with the aim to gain qualification to make the ISTD Grand Finals in Blackpool Oct/Nov 2017. We attend as many qualifiers as we can so as to try to gain places in the qualified rounds at Blackpool, but it is not an easy task with so many schools around the country vying for those places too. Only six are picked at each competition in each category.

Today we gained 13 qualifications! Hoorah!

It is important to mention that not only did we do well in the solo events, but our couples

All ready to start!! Here we go!

did terrific in the couples events also. CDS came away with 1st places in 4 events, and although gaining a place in the finals is difficult to start with, the coveted 1st place is a fantastic result to say the least.

Congratulation to our first place winners, Tom in 'Gold Star Plus' Cha Cha, Tom & Emily joint first in 'Gold Star Plus' Viennese Waltz, Tallulah in 'SDT Primay' Waltz, and Isadora in Junior 'SDT Primary' Cha Cha. Well done indeed!!

Of course this is amazing news, because for some of our children it was their very first ISTD only having ever competed twice before at local competitions. Special congratulations to, Enrique, Charlotte, Tallulah for gaining their qualifications at their very first every ISTD Qualifier! WOW!

Other qualifications gained today, were Liaisan, Isadora, Poppy, Olivia, and Karina.

Well done to our semi - finalists, which again with so many dancers entered managing this result is another terrific achievement.

Now its back to work for our next competition, as they say, practise makes perfect!

Congratulations again to all our hard working, committed team of students, and supportive parents.

We were very proud of all our children today!

Until next time......

See you soon!!

(lovely picture by N.Leeves)

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