Safety and Social Distancing Policy

Caterham Dance School is pleased to welcome you back from the 12th April 2021

We take the health and safety of our teachers and pupils seriously, and in doing so have increased our existing Risk Assessment and safety measures to include extensive considerations for the recent pandemic 

The Government have finally eased restrictions to allow for dance studios to reopen, and in doing so have implemented guidelines for the industry follow to ensure it does so safely.  We have followed their current outline of measures to be put in place and equally are pleased to have been supported by the British Dance Council on providing us with specific guidance on our special industry.

Please remember to check back regularly for any changes.


We hope this section will help to clarify how this will affect you at CDS.  

It is very important that you have and wear a face mask when you enter the studio and while in the studio at rest.

If you do not have a mask we will provide one for you at a cost of .50p. HOWEVER, these are limited, and it is expected that you possess your own mask.




You must have your mask “with you“ (ie in your pocket, or in your possession) while in your lesson  -  you will NOT have to “wear” your mask while you are dancing only if you are within 2meters of one of your teachers or any person outside a bubble. Everyone must have a mask with them as a precaution and these must be worn when not dancing i.e. before, and at the beginning & end of the lesson when leaving and walking past others etc.  - this is not only for the safety of our pupils , but also for the safety of our teachers and whilst people may be in bubbles,  the teachers are not, and will be coming into contact with different people all day long ; therefore it is very important for us to alleviate any potential transmission from our teachers to our customers.


Same as above applies.


Children DO NOT have to wear masks, they do however have to make sure adhere to all other safety measures in our social distancing policy attached below.


Due to restrictions on the amount of pupils and teachers allowed in the school at the same time, and that we have also allowed for a buffer time between lessons so as our teachers can sanitise their work space for their next pupil, our private lessons slots are now severely restricted, meaning we have less slots available. We will therefore need to apply a STRICT CANCELLATION POLICY from now on of 48 hours notice of cancellation otherwise the full amount will need to be paid due to the knock on effects of the pandemic. We will also not be able to talk with you at the end of your lesson as we are on a very tight time schedule. If you have any questions please use your own lesson time to ask or alternatively you can always drop us a message and we will aim to get back you within 24hrs.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.